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We encourage all eligible patients to get immunized with the COVID vaccine when it is possible. Vaccines are available through Ottawa Public Health community clinics, and select pharmacies for ages 5+.
Did you get your FLU shot?

Did you get your FLU shot?

We highly recommend the flu vaccine to prevent spread of influenza infection, keeping you and your family safe this winter.

If you have received your flu shot at a pharmacy and have not advised us, please fill out the form below so your medical chart will stay up to date!


Where can I get my FLU vaccine?

1) Ottawa Public Health: BOOK ONLINE 

The following individuals may proceed with booking and appointment at an Ottawa Public Health community clinic:

  • Children six months to two years of age who require their flu vaccine can book an appointment (household members of these children can also book to receive the vaccine during the same appointment).
  • Individuals without an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), who are not able to book an appointment at a pharmacy or receive the flu vaccine through a primary care provider.

2) Participating Pharmacies: Ottawa pharmacies

Influenza vaccines are available in late fall – please call ahead to your local pharmacy to ensure vaccine availability. Use the map or table below to find your nearest participating pharmacy. Please note that pharmacies that have a green marker offer vaccine for 2 to 5 year olds.

For more information on the

Health resources

Health resources

We support your efforts to learn more about issues regarding your health. The following sites link to online information and community resources that may be useful.

Latest clinic updates

Did you get your FLU shot?
We highly recommend the flu vaccine to prevent spread of influenza infection, keeping you and your family safe this winter. If you have received your flu sho...
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Memo RE: Respiratory Infections
We are seeing a spike in respiratory illness, especially in children, and receiving a high volume of calls for appointments. Please see the information below...
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Latest update on COVID Vaccine
COVID vaccination has been proven to be safe and extremely effective at reducing illness, hospitalization, ICU admission and death. Please get vaccinated to ...
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*** NEW: COVID Antiviral Treatment Paxlovid is used to treat adults who have mild to moderate COVID symptoms and are at high- risk of worsening to severe ill...
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Urgent Care Clinic / Updated clinic hours
Weekend Urgent Care Clinic We are pleased to announce improved availability on weekends, with a new Saturday Urgent Care Clinic: Saturday: 9:00am-12:00pm. Ph...
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New Patients
Thank you for your interest in joining our clinic. Our wait list is currently closed. For those patients who have recently filled out applications for Dr.Ahm...
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