New GP OB-GYN now accepting referrals

We are happy to welcome Dr. Dima Moukheiber to RRFM.

Dr. Moukheiber is a family physician who specializes in maternal and newborn care. She is a member of the family medicine low risk obstetrics team at the Montfort Hospital. Dr. Moukheiber follows her patients during pregnancy, labor and delivery and in the post partum period. Her practice also includes newborn care up to 1 year of age and breastfeeding counselling. Dr. Moukheiber also offers contraception counseling, IUD insertion, pap tests, endometrial biopsies and menopause counselling. Since completing medical school at McGill University and residency at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Moukheiber has been pursuing her passion for low risk deliveries for the last 5 years. She is fluent in French, English, Arabic and Spanish and works in Ottawa and Nunavut.